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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is grounded with a straightforward and objective approach that prioritizes our clients’ long-term financial growth and stability. We focus on end-item ownership (i.e., individual stocks and bonds) to create a truly diversified portfolio and place the financial benefit directly in our clients’ hands. The small, boutique quality of our firm allows us to provide a tactical and flexible strategy that is tailored to our clients’ individual goals, constraints, and budgets. We maintain an informal and approachable interface that facilitates open communication and adaptability with an eye toward planned, long-term strategies and goals. We strive for transparency in our operations and employ a straight fee-based structure that promotes an equalized approach to client assets. Our priority is to provide financial guidance and investment management to any client, no matter their current financial standing or wealth.

After analyzing a client’s current financial situation and characteristics, we begin the process of defining the goals you want to achieve. We take into account your desired lifestyle, your passions and how you plan on acting on them, and transitioning fluidly when the need arises. We assist clients move from their current status to achieving their long-term goals with a strategy we developed known as “Permanence and Definition.” Within this strategy, our clients own each item in their portfolio (either individual stocks, bonds or both), ensuring that we know when dividends are paid, interest collected, and, in the case of bonds, principal returned. Risk tolerance and time horizon determine the ultimate mix of stocks and bonds for your portfolio. We use this agile approach to ensure your money is always working for you at peak efficiency.

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