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Provide clients with a defined and transparent strategy based on their individual risk tolerance as well as short, mid, and long-term goals.

Manage financial risk and market volatility through a focus on end-item ownership (i.e., individual stocks, bonds, and cash).

Promote a team-based approach that empowers our specialists and external partners to evaluate problems, provide guidance, and recommend solutions that are tailored toward various client needs.

Establish a fair and level playing field as an advocate for any client, with a standardized fee and service structure applied regardless of client assets. No minimum investment.

Step by step summary of the financial planning process with a focus on long-term strategy and growth

Preparing for your initial meeting with your financial advisor

Our unique approach to investing and providing financial advice

Prism Financial is a wealth management and financial advisory service firm based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It provides fee-based financial planning and investment advice for a range of clients with no minimums. Prism Financial prides itself on a tactical and strategic methodology to financial planning with an individualized approach for the unique needs and goals of clients.


Financial Planning investment management and Registered Investment Advisory Services offered through
Prism Financial Group LLC.
Securities and some investment advisory services offered through Cetera Advisors LLC Member FINRA/SIPC